DJ 2 nice of Lowescompany Music Productions is one of the original hip hop pioneers from the Bronx New York who came up during the era of DJ Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Kool Herc, before Jay-Z and the Migos. Moved to the south and remained true to the game. Has an eye, ear and passion for talent and good music across the spectrum, where every song or track is a music collector’s item. Each limited and unique in it's original format. Love working with and promoting new and upcoming artist and trend setters.

Join our family and team and enjoy a generation of real hip hop that cannot be duplicated and a chance to hear our current and future stars. Enjoy!

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What is Hip-Hop?

Hip Hop is a story about life. From it we get a multitude of expressions and talents that cannot be duplicated. Real music comes from the heart and soul. Here you can experience the raw, talents, sounds and true meaning of real hip hop. Experience the unique, sounds and talent that can only be found here here from one of the original pioneer, creator and beatmasters of hip hop. Our music is exciting, much like going to a play or picture show and never gets old. Members can download our featured tracks without our logo when purchased. Your contribution goes to supporting our artist as we continue to bring you the best in rel hip hop.  If you would like to use any of our beats or tracks, collaborate, or contact any of our featured artist to schedule a show or appear at a featured event, or for any other reason, please feel free to contact our admin, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All rights reserved.


What we do::

We create a platform where aspiring and talented artists and musicians can share their work,  A platform where registered artist can go in go in monitor and track any sales and download of their track and at the same time receive royalties generated from their work. It’s also free for all nonmembers or registered members to stream and listen to all our track on any one of our available platforms.

Promoting our artist has always been and will continue to be  our business model and number one goal as we continue to bring you the very best of real hip hop. Keeping it real is what we do best. Please consider supporting our efforts as we continue to grow.

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