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Artists Corner

All music on this site is free for public viewing. This site is designed to promote and compensate our artist for their work and allow the public to experience the style and sound of real hip hop from one of its original pioneers.

New Artist

If you are an artist or think you have what it takes to become one of our featured artists you are in the right place. All you need to do is upload a copy of your acapella on a third-party website and send us a link for us to review it. If we  use it you can find your music here.  

Current Artist

Welcome to our revenue sharing program. By filling out this form, you as a featured artist can participate in our revenue sharing program.

There are several ways to participate:

1. Commercial: If you choose to go Commercial, your tracks will be published in stores and many of the online retailers like amazon, Spotify, iTunes etc. to include an attached buy link on our site. Artists will earn 100% of any sales or royalty generated from their tracks. Access to monthly stats and sales report is provided.

2. Non-Commercial: If you choose to go Non-Commercial, noting will be done to your tracks. It will remain on our site free to the public.

3. Local Buy Link: If you choose to use our local buy link, your tracks can only be purchased and downloaded on our sites and will not show up in stores or any of the known online retailers. Artists will earn 60% of any sales or royalty generated from their tracks purchased on our site. Access to monthly stats and sales report is provided.

4. None: If you choose none, nothing will be done with your tracks.

We are a private and Independent label and maintain the integrity and independence of our music and artist ownership rights by placing our vocal logo stamp on each track to maintain our independence, and avoid and identify copyright infringement.  

Should you see or come across any of or music being copied or used illegally please let us know and we will address it immediately.

Members Corner

Welcome to the Home of real Hip Hop. Experience original and authentic sound style of real hip hop. Hundreds of tracks, each a collectors iem, raw and in its original format. Our music cannot be copied or duplicatied and never gets old. Each track iunique in itself and a collectors items fto add to the collection. Join us aaswe continue to define the industry and bring real artist and music to the frontlines. 

Producers Corner

DJ 2Nice is one of the original hip hop pioneers from the Bronx New York who came up during the era of DJ Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Kool Herc, before Jay-Z and the Migos. Moved to the south and remained true to the game. Has an eye, ear and passion for talent and good music across the spectrum. Every song or track is a music collector’s item. Each limited and unique in it's original format. Creating a unique platform where independent artist and musician can share and monetize their talents is what we do best.  Our unique brand of music and style cannot be copied or duplicated. All sales or royalties  goes to support our website and our artists. To join click on the following link:


Thanks for your support.

For additional questions and  information please feel free to contact us at or call us at (404) 618-2877